«We eat in a Russian way
and do not visit doctors …»
                V.a. Giliarovsky

The city of Suzdal

Суздаль центр городаSuzdal is the place, where a lot of tourists are coming. We are the part of Golden Ring and Suzdal is already a gastronomic icon of Vladimir district. Here you can find a lot of places to visit and taste real Russian cuisine. In our restaurant you can taste traditional Russian food.


Restaurant Russkaya Restorazia In the menu of our restaurant you can find native Russian dishes as rasstegay, blini, berry juice and liqueurs, which we do by ourselves. Also there are a lot of traditional Russian entries and main dishes.

Restaurant menu

About us...

Good day, my name is Svetlana and I am the owner of this restaurant. We opened in 2012. I came to Suzdal as a tourist from Moscow and fall in love with this city. I wanted to stay here. The calmness, the beauty of this city was the reason to stay. But we faced with the problem - we couldn’t find any place to have coffee or breakfast. And as I had an experience in restaurant business we decided to open a new restaurant in Suzdal.

Tourists come here not just to sightseeing but as well to have the best Russian cuisine. We are happy to meet all our guests.

We are working all days, including holidays from 11 till the last guest.

Restaurant in the center of Suzdal

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